This web service serves you structural neighbors of your query protein chains. This structural neighbors are based on tertiary structure i.e. 3D structure similarity of protein chains. Our database contains 152,486 structures from SCOPe. And the results are also linked to SCOPe. We can serve your query results in few minutes. That is, You don't have to submit your email address to get your query results few hours later anymore. This improvement in speed to compare protein tertiary structure became possible with our newly introduced features.

User guide:

You can submit query two ways, submit pdb format structure(Coming soon...) file or submit scopId for the structures that are already in scop 2.03.

Query with scopId:

Please submit 7 char scopId of the query protein to search for structural neighbours. 7 Char scopId onsists of 'd' as first character, the 4 char pdb id, then rest 2 char is chain id. As an example "d1tqxb_" is a 7 character scopId.

Enter ScopID

Press enter after the scopID(ie. d1tqxb_)